Vases Yuanfen 缘分
Yuanfen is a special word in Chinese that means a fateful meeting between two people, predestined far in the past.

This sculptural composition is a decorative object with a fluid meaning. Depending on the way they are arranged in relation to each other, this two vases can form different stories of interaction. But either way, the invisible threads of Yuanfen bind and attract them to each other.

The concise form will not result in a strong response of the imagination. It will penetrate the consciousness gently and gradually, telling its story through a soft whisper and, perhaps, prompting the observer to some action. Whether these actions will be aimed at just adding new decor objects to the interior or at changing one's own life everyone will decide for him or herself.

The composition is made of glued solid wood and it also went through the author's hands, thanks to which it seems that the figures are carved from solid wood. The exposed wood grain at the bottom seamlessly transitions to a perfectly smooth matte finish at the top.
We would call this pair a therapeutic zen-decor, which can decorate, diversify and complete the interior concept and, when the right moment comes, push the owner to unexpected inner discoveries.

Options available: dark wood and pearlescent

Solid oak wood

59 000 ₽
The name of this art object emphasizes on its dynamic and lively form. Just like a splash of a summer seawave this two wooden sculptures nestle in a native interior.

The Splash sculpture creates an elegant vertical form in the interior and evokes the desire to view it from different angles. The shape of this elegant couple changes with the way they are placed and sometimes they give a little hint of the tentacles of a curious inhabitant of other dimensions.

A quick glance is sure to bring forward the unusual shape and plasticity, and a closer look will pleasantly surprise the viewer with the discovery that the material of the art object is solid natural wood, the texture of which is elegantly manifested in the pattern of slender peaks.

Solid pine wood
320*190* 1170

Price on request
Two of us
In the studio during the work process, observers gave this art object a harsh name - Fangs. But its essence is in fact warm, fluid and at the same time quite peaceful. Just like a warm wind dancing in the shade of a forest that is falling asleep, a cool spring at the foot of a mountain or just two wooden sculptures on your desk.

This wooden composition has one peculiarity that is invisible on the photo. The smaller "female" figure has a small notch in it so that the "male" figure can nestle closer to it. This is a philosophical and very imaginative idea that was made without any initial intention.

Solid thermo-ash/ash wood

Price on request

Soul to soul

Our romantic sculptures have been added!

After long thought and discussion, we gave the sculpture a name "Soul to Soul". According to the original idea, this couple is inseparable - there is a special notch in the point of their contact, thanks to which both parts are perfectly "joined". Metaphors and associative rows are already flowing? Hold them back, we'll discuss them again.

Solid thermo ash wood
Height 800/500

Price on request
The Shell
This elegant object is a literal descendant of a sculptural landscape composition of bench stones that are carved one from the other. Yes, that's right! They are created based on the principle of a matryoshka doll and are designed to connect the exterior with the interior. "Parents" decorate the exterior, and the "child" has already flown out of the nest and is ready to fall in love with someone who is currently looking for an original decor object for the interior.

Solid thermo ash wood

Price on request

Wind of change

White stones have a magical appeal. The wind could not resist and left its stamp of invisible power on them, but only on the front side. From the back, these boulders are as smooth as the mirror surface of a mountain lake.

Solid pine wood

80 000 ₽


The Familia wooden compostion is inspired by the eternal theme of beauty and inner silence. If you wish, you can divide it, put it on shelves, put it in different rooms and admire it separately, but something tells us they will still end up together.

Our wooden interpretation of Zen philisophy works across the entire spectrum of the senses at once. Nice tactile feeling, warmth, absence of sharp corners, calm natural shades, smooth elegant shapes and, of course, the aroma of natural wood.

Solid oak/thermo-ash/ash wood

28 000 ₽
The purpose of any home is to become a place of strength for its owner. Our role in this process is to create all the conditions for this to happen.

Some believe in feng shui, some in a competent architect, some in their own intuition. We believe in nature and its gifts, which can be transformed into what you need most in any given moment.

For instance, you can take wood and split it into stones, carefully processed and polished, expose their natural texture, pour your warmth and a little coloring on them and turn them into a totem of luck, peace and strength.

Our interior wooden stones rarely "just lie there". Many of their owners admit that their hands are so eager to hold the stones in the palm of their hands, or even rub them as they were an Aladdin's lamp.

From the living room or hall room stones move to the study and bedroom. There they turn into an anti-stress object and begin to fulfill a completely new function - active participation in the life of the owner.

1 500 - 3 500 ₽ for 1 "stone" depending on the size

Set of art-stones Coffee with milk

Doing the same thing over and over again, even if it is something in demand, is still boring. Perhaps, this is one of the branches of progress - when an inventor tries new things not to improve the old, but to entertain and satisfy curiosity. What if you add facets to a stone? What if you combine several varieties of wood? What if...?

Solid thermo-ash/ash wood

23 000 ₽

Art-stones Geometry

Thermo-ash/ash/oak wood

1 500 - 3 500 ₽ for 1 "stone" depending on the size
Oxymorone Stone
The Oxymorone Stone interior art object brought us second place at the Talents of Russia competition in Gostiny Dvor in 2021. This is the very case when the combination of natural, warm wood with cold technogenic metal looks organic and elegant.

Solid ash wood, metal alloy


Price on request
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