WOODZENART is a family business, an author's studio-workshop that creates designer sculptural furniture, art objects and decor using the finest wood and precise techniques.

"We create one-of-a-kind pieces and unique handmade objects that serve for many years and decades and are passed down to further generations. Our objects fill its owners with the energy of nature."
Andrey Izmailov
Artist, designer, sculptor, master of designer wood and metal processing, member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, member of the Creative Union of Artists of DPI of Russia, founder of WOODZENART
"Natural wood is becoming more and more relevant and desired in modern interiors and the reason for this is quite obvious - in unpredictable and unstable conditions of the modern world one's home should be a fortress, and nature as nothing else can provide us with the internal feeling of firmness, stability and security.
This is exactly what I do - I try to make the interiors more grounded by utilising natural materials, natural forms and eternal themes of peace, stability and continuity of the life flow".
Ksenia Dzutseva
Economics engineer, financial manager, psychologist, interior decorator, co-founder and manager of WOODZENART
"Our objects are all about silence, tranquility and self-immersion. We believe this is the experience that is sorely lacking in modern life."
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