Console Ellipse
The Stone Story collection of sculptural furniture began with a small sea pebble that struck the master with its simplicity and perfect form. There was a special power in it and its shape is exactly repeated by this console with inbuilt drawers. There is not a single right angle in it, the movement of the drawers is as soft and smooth as the river flow.

We want to bring back the tradition of using furniture objects for decades and passing them down to futher generations. Things that fill people with the energy of nature. That is what inspired us to create this coffee table. Sea pebbles, gently shaped by the warm waves of the sea, were the main inspiration to all the pieces in the Stone Story collection.

Burnt solid oak wood

- Special wall attachment
- Push-to-open drawer opening system
- Soft-closing mechanism for drawers

690 000 ₽
400 000 ₽ without inbuilt drawers

Console Balance

The Balance console was born out of a great love for having fun on the beach while building pyramids with stones. First came the table, and now the story continues in this console.

The aerial and magical effect of wooden stones frozen in the air is achieved by the use of strong, carefully crafted and hidden metal frame.

The wood grain and the noble shade of bitter chocolate is created through the firing process and due to the master's skill gained through thousands of hours of practice. In skillful hands, the most destructive of the elements can create things that machines and paints can't even come close to.

The sculptural forms of the Balance console, like the rest of our Stone Story collection, blend softly and easily into any interior. After all, nature in its every manifestation will always be appropriate.

Burnt solid oak wood

550 000 ₽
Console Ellipse mini
We have wanted to introduce the Ellipse console in new size ranges for quite a long time. The first, much-loved version is 1600 mm in length, this "baby" is 600 mm. Thanks to its size it can be used as an independent console under the mirror or in pairs as hanging bedside tables. The function set of the mini version is the same as of the initial version - on your request we can install a drawer with Push-to-open system.

While working on this console, the author kept catching himself wanting to "hug" it - it was so adorable and soft on touch.

Burnt solid oak wood

- Special wall attachment
- Push-to-open drawer opening system

300 000 ₽
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