Table Wave

The Wave table is inspired by the smoothness of water disturbed by the top of a stone rising from the bottom of a cold northern lake.

The idea behind the Stone Story collection of sculptural furniture is the embodiment of the silence and tranquility of nature, which is so needed in a rapid and loud style of the modern life. There are no right angles in these objects, all mechanisms work silently and softly. Pure Zen.

The final forms of the table are derived only by author's hands to create a special tactile feeling. Such pieces of furniture have a completely different energy, they keep the warmth of the master's hands.

Burnt solid oak wood

- Tabletop finish options available: matte, semi-matte or glossy.
- Lightweight table top and special weighting of the pedestal structure for perfect balance of the product.
- Can be made in other sizes as a dining or office table.

Price on request
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