Wall panel Aqua Vitae

The Aqua Vitae wall panel is made of wooden "pebbles" and is truly a symbol of zero-waste production. The process of making furniture leaves over a lot of small yet valuable pieces of wood that are a shame to throw away - so we decided to put them to good use. Although, it took many months to achieve the ideal shape of the wooden "pebbles", each attempt was worth the effort. We would not like to decipher the symbolism of the images hidden in this panel. The main goal of art is to stimulate the viewer to draw his or her own conclusions.

The fast pace of today's world obliges us to constant movement. Decor, art and even furniture are adjusted to trends, they move away from classical symmetry and pretentiousness to a new form of existence, which may soon come up with its own name. Aqua Vitae has joined this tendency and is gradually gaining fans.

Solid oak

250 000 ₽

Wall panel The Drop

The Drop wall panel is also made of wooden "pebbles" and may be considered as a symbol of zero-waste production and respect for nature. Repeated experiments with perfectly shaped pebbles made from scraps of wood led us to the desired result. The convex volume can be almost invisible and takes shape under directed light. We would not like to decipher the symbolism of the images hidden in this panel. Some will see circles on water from a falling drop, others space orbits or warm sunbeams. The main goal of art is to stimulate the viewer to draw his or her own conclusions.

Solid oak

250 000 ₽

Wall panel Puzzle

The Puzzle wooden panel has been made for an individual request. The pattern in the form of volumetric smoothed puzzle pieces is completely drawn and cut out by hand. Pleasant warm color and authentic tactile feeling of this panel was acquired due to even surface burning and special natural coating of oils and waxes.

Solid maple

The panel can be made in any size

Price on request
Panel Monstera
The idea to embody the forms of exotic plants in wood came to the author long ago and now the concept is brought to life! Monstera leaves, sharp arrows of forest reeds, river pebbles and a contrasting background with delineated wood texture. Like nature itself, this panel portrays the concept of harmony through the combination of opposites.

Solid spruce

220 000 ₽
Panel Lightning

This spectacular panel made of wooden "pebbles" is the embodiment of two the most popular design modern trends: the trend for natural materials in the interior and the trend for environmental friendliness, recycle and waste-free production.

The tactile appeal of the natural, uncoated solid oak with its specially exposed wood grain and pattern will not leave any observer indifferent.

The theme of respectful attitude to nature and its resources has always concerned the author. Working with wood inevitably leaves a lot of small pieces of wood behind, which are a shame to throw away. That is why we really wanted to put them to good use. Although, it took many months of work and experimentation to achieve the correct shape of the wooden "pebbles", each attempt was worth the effort.

The Lightning panel is presently the most extensive work of the author in this particular technique. Its creation took 6 months in total. This complex abstract multilevel wall decor object is laid out with the smallest wooden "pebbles" the size of a coffee bean. Each element is sawed and placed on the surface of the panel by hand. An additional visual effect is created by the use of light-colored poplar wood.

Oak wood / poplar wood

Price on request
Panel Mare
The name of this panel refers to the seawaves and the whisper of the ocean surf. In its curves and lines you can see the fabric fluttering in the wind, wide hills and sand dunes.

The panel is made in the author's personal technique of wooden "pebbles", which are meticulously laid on the base in the natural form. The Mare panel is ready to decorate any space.

Solid oak

300 000 ₽

Panel Abstraction 1

The sketch of this panel was born in a meditative state. The author drove a pencil on the paper, following a labyrinth of his thoughts, and unnoticeably created two sketches. The first became the basis of "Abstraction 1".

Here one can see drops of water or the microworld from biology textbooks. Someone can also see the bare matrix of mental patterns, freed from the husk of worries and anxieties. The idea in its original form: nothingness from which something is about to be born.

Solid ash

200 000 ₽

Panel Abstraction 1/1

This is a more refined version of the panel "Abstraction 1". In this version there is a little less philosophy and a little more rigor and elegance. Both the light and dark versions are perfect for interiors with an emphasis on modern art and designer objects.

Solid ash

200 000 ₽

Panel Abstraction 2

This panel is the result of the second sketch, born during a meditative drawing. You will find the story of the first one in the description of the panel "Abstraction 1". Here admirers of subtle, barely manifested, implicit art, built on half-hints and whispers, will recognize something quite familiar to them. To fully comprehend "Abstraction 2", one should view it up close and from different angles. It will not attract unnecessary attention, but a true connoisseur of art will not let go of it.

Solid pine

190 000 ₽
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